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Elliott is Chair of the Creditor’s Rights Law Committee of the Suffolk County (NY) Bar Association; currently serves as Vice President of The New York State Creditor's Bar Association, the leading creditor’s rights attorney bar association in New York State and on the Executive Council of the Creditors Rights Section of the Commercial Law League of America.

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DHL Express (USA), Inc. v. Betterbodz Distrib. LLC, 2008 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 20267 (N.D.N.Y Mar. 11, 2008)
Amthor v. Commerce Bank, 15 Misc. 3d 1130(A) (N.Y. Dist. Ct. 2007)

Elliott M. Portman is principal of Portman Law Group, P.C.  For over thirty years he has represented international and domestic clients with regard to liquidation of their accounts receivable, with an emphasis on commercial litigation matters.  He has devoted the largest portion of his practice to creditor’s rights and to judgment enforcement.  As a result, he has maintained an excellent reputation in the field, striving for the highest standards of professionalism and for expeditious results.