Unpaid Bills Give Me The Thrills ​TM

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Creditor's rights law in the State of New York

Many business owners, executives and salespeople simply don’t recognize the moment that an account they are selling to goes bad. And when an account goes bad, there is usually a distinct possibility that the creditor – that’s you, if you are the business owner - may not get paid.  

Let’s face it, most business people don’t want to admit that there is a receivables problem, even when the clues are right there, staring them in the face.  But if you have an unpaid bill and an unwilling customer, it is time to act.

Attorneys who reduce their client's claim to judgment are often frustrated by the post-judgment process and don't know where to turn for assistance. The principal of this firm has been enforcing judgments for thirty years.  We can help you to get your clients paid on their judgment.